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Spin Up Digital was formed as a reaction, a reaction to what the founders saw in their combined 30 years’ experience of delivering software to clients from inside digital agencies. For most digital agencies the perpetual challenge is how to match up the available resources with client demands. However good your internal planning you can never accurately forecast how many new clients and projects you are going to win, how large the projects may actually be and when they might start. Compounding this challenge is the speed at which the market is moving, one minute you have trained your bench to deliver certain products and platforms only for the market to turn on its axis and begin moving in another direction. Solving this equation is costly and complex and if you are based in the US or Europe on-shore software developers are expensive and prone to moving on to the next better paid opportunity. Finally the large technology vendors who create the products, generate the demand and co-sell with the agencies have their own stipulations as to how people should be trained and projects should be staffed which adds further pressure!
Knowing this market as we do we had experience of creating on-shore, near and far-shore development teams. We knew what worked well and the best way to balance cost and speed of communication and delivery to its optimum.
With this in mind we launched Spin Up so that our clients could “spin up teams” in one of three models:
1. Dedicated – we work with digital agencies and digital product businesses to create bespoke dedicated teams. We have our own internal recruitment capability and can work with you to source candidates, pre-screen them and help onbaord them to your way of working, project management methodologies and working culture.
2. On-Demand – as mentioned above, with all the planning in the world, a business can never accurately forecast a surge in demand, winning a pitch they didn’t expect to or a client request to take on a project that does not fit with their core teams. As such we can work with your sales and planning teams to find teams at short notice to match the requirement.
3. On-shore staffing – finally the best way to manage a near-shore team is for the on-shore Project Management team to be completely in sync with ways of working and communication. As such we are able to place staff in your offices that are completely versed in this way of working and how to report internally on a regular basis.
Today our principle delivery centre is in Sofia, Bulgaria and our core competence today is ecommerce and marketing platforms. The founders have strong relationships with all the main technology vendors and we pride ourselves on transparency and having teams with up to date certifications. Bulgaria falls within the European Union and GDPR regulations, it has low wage inflation, personal tax thresholds and a huge pool of talent available across many different skillsets.
Founded by a team specialising in ecommerce and large enterprise technologies we can provide a variety of developers covering the following disciplines:
Magento (Adobe Commerce Cloud)
Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Big Commerce
Data Management

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