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SpinUP’s founders have a long history with SalesForce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) going back to it’s entry into the EU market over a decade ago when it was ”Demandware”.

We still hold the record for the fastest implementation and, at the other end of the scale, have worked on huge global programmes migrating clients over from legacy systems.

We built the first marketplace using the platform and our leadership team is now leading the charge into the brave new world of Progressive Web Apps and Headless builds.

A long-term SalesForce partner we can deliver B2C Commerce Cloud, B2B, Order Management System, Atonit Marketplace and beyond.

We specialise in all types SFCC build and are often brought into to rescue projects or help clients migrate from the traditional, high-cost, SI Maintenance agreement to more transparent agreements with hybrid and dedicated teams.​

We work with a number of front-end design partners and can provide full-service implementations for all types of businesses from luxury fashion to FMCG.​

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